Web hosting service

Your content management system (CMS) is what you use to handle all the content on your site, including making modifications to the published content and uploading new content. Each CMS has its own interface, with certain CMS working with specific hosting options or being ideal for specific types of websites. Two major providers of these full packages are WIX and GoDaddy (used by this website). To see a review of 10 providers click here.

 For example, we created and maintain the Edmonton Springs Golf Course website using Wix, a very robust and full featured CMS. The website provides comprehensive information about the course, photos and videos, ability to sign up for a tee time and rates (regular and specials). The website is updated weekly with some course staff being able to update some rates by just revising a standard, simple spreadsheet. 


The major benefit to using a full service package is that websites can be maintained and by those with no knowledge of computer coding and mechanics. Many updates just require editing the text in the relevant areas. Building a simple website is also possible. The downside is there full service packages are more expensive.